The Purple Prose Room

The room is purple, not the prose

Where the art of storytelling is cultivated. Welcome to my secret garden. I invite you to sit down with a cup of tea and explore a bit.

Kristal R. DeJong

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Heart of a Star

A boy, a girl, and a slingshot…

Sometimes, a destiny written in the stars does not become a match made in heaven.

Lord Alexander Cranston, Marquess of Ashton and Lady Isobelle Harrington give new meaning to childhood sweethearts. In fact, there is little love lost between them, eventually culminating in an episode involving a slingshot.

Fifteen years later, Alexander is the Duke of Wilmington. He is ready to claim his soul-mate. Only Isobelle had to overcome a series of tragedies, since she saw him last. Has she forgiven him for their contentious childhood? Is she finally ready to move beyond her past and embrace her destiny? (93,615 Words.) Book One   Ebook ISBN 978-1-7348274-2-2 Reflowable & Fixed EPUBs   All sales are final

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The Pearl Diver’s Song

What could be worse than discovering your soul-mate during an identity crisis?
Miss Persephone Dortmund’s short life veered in an unexpected direction, due to the actions of a disagreeable neighbor. In order to escape him, she became the nurse and companion of her distant cousin, Lady Isobelle Harrington. Now, she has discovered fate is a terrible match maker. Lady Isobelle’s cousin isn’t a bad man, just not what she envisioned for herself.

Viscount Edward Harrington feels as if his soul has been electrified by desire, but the timing is not ideal. Clandestinely serving king and country in the midst of a war, he is not free to court his one true love; until another family tragedy brings him home for good. One would think having your future lover under the same roof provided a distinct advantage, only Edward finds himself constrained by the distasteful actions of the man who came before him. (91,590 Words) Book Two   Ebook ISBN 978-1-7348274-3-9 Reflowable EPUB   All sales are final

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Podcasts are now available on this website. Starting with Episode Two, we're playing "Name That Tune." Listen to Episode One first, if you're curious to know the reason. All currently available episodes can be found on the Tea with Friends page. Instructions and rules for playing along are also there. Those who guess a featured song correctly will win one FREE month of the Tea with Friends subscription. Heart of a Star and The Pearl Diver's Song are included with a growing collection of fixed EPUBs. I will be adding a reflowable EPUB subscription shortly.

Now that I have more content available, a new Shop page has been added. In addition to the home page, both published books can be found there, with other related projects designed to give readers an opportunity to immerse themselves in my little corner of the world.

Covid-19 Update: As of now, I am removing print books from my inventory. Due to a recent 20% price increase from the timber industry, it's partly a business decision, but I also can't justify offering them right now. Most paper products come from the same industry, and there are certain things everyone needs, like toilet paper. I know what it's like to live on a tight budget, and though I've kept my print inventory small by choice, this is the one way I can avoid contributing to a larger problem. Digital merchandise will always be available here. For those who love print as much as I do, consider purchasing one of my Fixed EPUBs instead. They are the digital versions of my print books, including the illustrations. Since they are the same page size, they perform best on larger devices like tablets and computer screens. Both versions of EPUBs are linked to the digital product. After making your purchase, choose the option which works best for you. The reflowable versions work on all devices. However, I don't recommend them for computers. Because they adjust to multiple screen sizes, their production requirements are less formal. 

Kristal R. DeJong

In addition to being a wife and mother of two grown daughters, I have a background in healthcare and more recently, graphic design. The latter actually makes more sense, because my childhood creative endeavors have their roots in the prolific production of paper ponies. (Yes, I drew lots of horses.) I also developed a love of reading and writing during my formative years. My reading influences are far ranging; and my interest in relationships, history, science and space inspires my stories. Let’s be honest. Regardless of genre labels, stories would not exist without relationships.