“Read Them and Weep” Reflowable EPUB Subscription

OK, I confess. The title of this subscription is a joke. Since the recipes (Fixed EPUBs) are not included, naming it wasn’t so easy.  “Read Them and Weep” popped into my head first. Since I haven’t yet thought of something better, I didn’t want it to be an excuse for delaying the product’s availablity. For those who are still confused between the difference between Fixed and Reflowable EPUBs, reflowables adjust the type to fit the device being used by you. Fixed doesn’t. Other than the cover art, reflowables don’t respect the orginal location of graphics in a file. They also aren’t very friendly to recipes. This subscription includes the reflowable versions of both published novels and the Season One podcast transcripts of “Tea with Kristal”.

Your subscription will allow you access to all the files connected with this product for the duration it is active and payments are successful. There is no set expiration date. Customers may cancel at any time, at which point the files will no longer be available.

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