Tea with Friends Recipe Binder


Just as the heroines of Fate’s Champions believe, time spent with friends is always special, but it’s even better when food is included. This is my version of tea and gossip.

When I decided to add a cookbook to my storytelling endeavors, I wanted to offer the printed version in a three-ring binder. This format offers the most options in terms of adaptability, since this is a long-term project. The binder includes the 13 recipes I created in 2021. Each recipe is accompanied by a story, which always begins on the right side of the book. Recipes with an odd number of pages have the marble design printed on the last page. (Left side.) Additional recipes will be available as individual bundles, by year, and become available each December.

Recipe pages are 6.5 in. by 9 in. and printed full-color on cardstock. This is a trade publishing size, rather than the 5.5 in. x 8.5 in. fund-raising size. Therefore, the binder size is not a standard off-the-shelf item. Binder has 8.5 in. x 9.5 in. covers with 2.25 in. spine and 2 in. rings. I hand-create each book in-house as needed because this binder size is not easy to obtain. When the pre-order option doesn’t show, it means I have one copy available to ship. Since this is an artisan created item, each edition is hand signed and numbered. And yes, you can also request a special message at no additional charge.

(Please See the Refunds and Returns Page before making a purchase.)

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