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Welcome to the home of Kristal R. DeJong and Fate's Champions. Sit down with a cup of tea (or your favorite beverage) and explore a bit. It's more than just a place to buy books.

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Heart of a Star

A boy, a girl, and a slingshot…

Sometimes, a destiny written in the stars does not become a match made in heaven.

Lord Alexander Cranston, Marquess of Ashton and Lady Isobelle Harrington give new meaning to childhood sweethearts. In fact, there is little love lost between them, eventually culminating in an episode involving a slingshot.

Fifteen years later, Alexander is the Duke of Wilmington. He is ready to claim his soul-mate. Only Isobelle had to overcome a series of tragedies, since she saw him last. Has she forgiven him for their contentious childhood? Is she finally ready to move beyond her past and embrace her destiny? (90,524 Words.) Book One   Ebook ISBN 978-1-7348274-2-2 Reflowable EPUB   All sales are final

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The Pearl Diver’s Song

What could be worse than discovering your soul-mate during an identity crisis?
Miss Persephone Dortmund’s short life veered in an unexpected direction, due to the actions of a disagreeable neighbor. In order to escape him, she became the nurse and companion of her distant cousin, Lady Isobelle Harrington. Now, she has discovered fate is a terrible match maker. Lady Isobelle’s cousin isn’t a bad man, just not what she envisioned for herself.

Viscount Edward Harrington feels as if his soul has been electrified by desire, but the timing is not ideal. Clandestinely serving king and country in the midst of a war, he is not free to court his one true love; until another family tragedy brings him home for good. One would think having your future lover under the same roof provided a distinct advantage, only Edward finds himself constrained by the distasteful actions of the man who came before him. (91,590 Words) Book Two   Ebook ISBN 978-1-7348274-3-9 Reflowable EPUB   All sales are final

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The Latest News

The Purple Prose Room is planning to implement a Little Lending Library program in conjunction with public libraries, by allowing library patrons to access select materials with codes I provide to the libraries. If you would like your local library to participate, please use the contact form to provide the pertinent information which will enable me to offer them enrollment in the program. I will need your name as it appears on your library card, the name of the director or head librarian, and the library's physical address. In larger communities where a library system includes multiple branches, provide the address of the main branch or administrative office. Please note: Currently this program will only be available to libraries in the United States.

The digital version, Heart of a Star, will be the first catalog item available for library checkout, followed later by The Pearl Diver's Song. A podcast series, Tea with Kristal is currently in production, followed by audio versions of books already published in print. Book three, The Gift of Light, is also scheduled for publication this year. After copyrights are approved, release dates for publication on this site will be announced. Once they are on the site, they will be available for purchase, through monthly subscription, or the Little Lending Library.

I still will not be doing a traditional blog, but a community participation page, Tea with Friends, has been added to this site. Some details are provided on this page, including information for a special fund-raising project I would like to do for Texas EquuSearch this year. You may learn more about them here.  Tea with Friends will be the group home for this endeavor.

Covid-19 Update: This is strictly an ecommerce business. Physical merchandise is only handled by one person who lives with an immune-compromised spouse. Long-term social distancing measures are a way of life for the owner. For those not comfortable purchasing print books, the digital versions are always available.

Kristal R. DeJong

In addition to being a wife and mother of two grown daughters, I have a background in healthcare and more recently, graphic design. The latter actually makes more sense, because my childhood creative endeavors have their roots in the prolific production of paper ponies. (Yes, I drew lots of horses.) I also developed a love of reading and writing during my formative years. My reading influences are far ranging; and my interest in relationships, history, science and space inspires my stories. Let’s be honest. Regardless of genre labels, stories would not exist without relationships.