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Heart of a Star

A boy, a girl, and a slingshot…

Sometimes, a destiny written in the stars does not begin as a match made in heaven.

Lord Alexander Cranston, the Marquess of Ashton, and Lady Isobelle Harrington gave new meaning to childhood sweethearts. In fact, there was little love lost between them. The constant bickering escalated, until it finally exploded into an episode involving a slingshot. Their families had no other choice, except to separate them.

Belle suffered deep wounds inflicted by a series of tragedies, which began in early childhood. She entered adulthood while burdened by a precious, yet thoroughly exhausting, family obligation. Never one to meekly accept fate’s decree, she resisted the surrender of her hard-won freedom, once she finally obtained it.

Alex fell in love with Isobelle’s free spirit shortly after they met as children, but his father discouraged active participation in her wild adventures. Since Alex knew rebellion was out of the question, he tried to clip Belle’s wings instead. His efforts yielded disastrous results.

He succeeded his father and became the Fifth Duke of Wilmington during the intervening years. After the passage of Alex’s thirtieth birthday, he found himself growing increasingly impatient to claim his soulmate. Thankfully, a great deal changed with the passage of time. A special weapon, granted only by maturity, gave him hope. Alas, there was a small problem. He could not use it; unless he successfully lured Belle into his embrace.

(100,570 Words.) Book One   Ebook ISBN 978-1-7348274-2-2   Reflowable EPUB – (not Kindle compatible, but apps, like Adobe Digital Editions, are free and available for both Apple and Android mobile devices. I use ADE for proofing my completed e-book files.)   All sales of digital content are final. Please read the Returns & Refunds, and Privacy, Terms & Conditions pages prior to making a purchase on this site. By making a purchase, you agree to be bound by these terms. 

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Tea with Friends

Just as the heroines of Fate’s Champions believe, time spent with friends is always special, but it’s even better when food is included. This is my version of tea and gossip. This collection currently contains 15 recipes, complete with a story and color photos for each.

Fixed EPUB (best suited for computer screens and tablets)  45 pages   All Sales Final for digital content. (Please See the Refunds and Returns Page.)

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Kristal R. DeJong

Welcome to the internet home of a crazy bunny lady. It's always the "Year of the Rabbit" here. My rabbits played a big role in my return to novel writing in 2019, and served as special companions, beginning with Mr. Harry Buns. I brought him home in Feb., 2013. The bunny you see pictured with me, on this site, is Lola Rapunzel. She was an English Angora, and the only doe in my small herd. My rabbits are featured on the "About Me" page, if you're interested in learning more about them.