About Me

Kristal R. DeJong

Relationship Novelist

A Labor of Love

Why someone creates is very personal for everyone. Is it naturally embedded in the DNA of some people? Perhaps. I have been creating all my life, in several disciplines; and when I lost my mom to suicide several years ago, it became my light of Earendil. My rabbits played a role too, forcing me to calm myself before I could do any husbandry with them. Being at peace with yourself is a big deal when two of your long-eared weirdos are high-maintenance English Angoras.

I orginally began "Heart of a Star" thirty years ago, then set is aside for twenty. I blame my rabbits that it got excavated and dusted off near the four-year anniversary of my mom's death. In the process of writing it, I made a discovery. I'm not the same person I was shortly before my mom died, and I'm no where near the person I was thirty years ago.

I can no longer write what everyone else claims sells books. Nor am I interested in proving to anyone my work has value because it made a list or won an award. I write to honor the people who made me the being I'm still growing into. It's relationships - both with each other and the world around us - that provide a foundation and drive all stories regardless of genre; fiction or non-fiction . There would be nothing interesting to write about with out them.